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 I'm Sharon McNally, and I'm a Specialist in Montessori Education

I am a qualified Montessori Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience, as well as a Certified and Licensed Louise Hay teacher, practitioner and workshop facilitator. The Louise Hay philosophy is incorporated into my management approach as well as into the workshops I offer. I established a Montessori school in Constantia, Cape Town in 1998 which I managed and was the Principal and Head teacher of for 15 years. I lectured at a Montessori Teachers Training college. 

I spent a year in Moscow, and a semester in Spain where I was hired as the Head Teacher to assist with teaching, training and coaching the Montessori method to the children, teachers, supporting staff and parents. I also teach, train and coach in private households to parents, family and staff on positive parenting strategies and if desired by the client, I am happy to implement a Montessori environment in the home and to teach the principles and philosophy of Montessori.

I am available to travel worldwide. My biggest delight and passion has always been children, just being around children fills me with joy. I discovered during my time in Europe that the Montessori method was not always fully understood or being properly executed in the schools and in the classrooms prepared environment. I therefore spent a great deal of my time training and educating both the staff and parents.

During the last few years working abroad as a Head Teacher I found that a large part of my day was spent in meetings with parents hungry for parenting advise. I was averaging at least 6 meetings per week and I realized there is a great desire for parents to learn the skills, strategies, techniques and methods I have perfected during the course of my life, in order to parent to their children, in a more conscious, clear, consistent and constructive way

I am a dedicated Montessori teacher and my deepest desire is to educate people on the Montessori method and to raise the standard of education being offered at Montessori schools, as well as to assist  parents to parent with passion and purpose.

I felt I could  best fulfil my objective and deep desire to be of service to the child, by starting my consultancy, 

believing  that if I can transform one school at a time and one family at a time, this will change the communities they live in.

Like a stone thrown into a pond the ripple effect will be felt by many. 



The Montessori educational method was developed by Maria Montessori. Her first school was opened in 1907 and  she published her first book on "The Montessori Method" in 1909. Her work has spread throughout the world and there are thousands of schools across the globe.  A child is born with a natural desire to learn, a natural curiosity and a desire for knowledge. The basic premise of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become. The Montessori classroom provides the environment and materials that the child needs for his personal development, while allowing him the freedom to choose activities, according to his periods of interest and readiness (sensitive periods), in a non-competitive environment. Every child passes through sensitive periods for learning from birth to age seven.  



"Sharon McNally spent six weeks with our family in Botswana. We have a one year old and a two year old."

"Sharon set up an entire Montessori class room in our home. The classroom is beautiful and everything  has a place and serves a purpose in terms of the child's development." 

"Sharon showed kindness, understanding and patience towards our children and had a positive energy when interacting with the children." 

"Our children had a great deal of fun  with "Teacher Sharon" and enjoyed the new activities, songs and the interactions they had with her."

"Our staff are forever grateful for the training, coaching and mentoring  they received from Sharon''.


Nadine Davies

 "From the word go Dylan loved being at school. Yes initially there was an adjustment period, both for us as parents and for our son. 

What was wonderful during this time was that Sharon was completely open and understanding of our concerns and the partnership developed as a result of good communication and her understanding of first time parents concerns. 

I can confidently say that this was the best choice that we could have made for our children,...….."                                        

Heidi Wichman 

" Sharon McNally, inculcates the values and urge to learn and succeed.

The guidance and support provided by her have been so valuable to my children, and it reflects in each and every field they take part in, and excel in. 

We have found in our three years with Sharon, that she is an excellent teacher and really connects with the children. She has used her Montessori training to find fun and inventive ways to help them to learn......"

       Fabian & Moira Magerman



"  Her vast experience has been essential for us, in the fourth year of our small school, which needed to recover from numerous problems that had been accumulated and not resolved in previous years.

Sharon has given us the most appropriate recommendations, has created a context of responsibility and group cohesion with the teaching team, has given talks to families and provided a significant dose of confidence to those who doubted or felt sceptical with the Montessori method...."


Rafael Roman Romero

Founder of

Galapagos International Montessori School  

"Sharon is one of those special people who, aside from being able to ascertain the root of problems in an instant,  is also able to reach out and gently challenge all in her path, to seek self-improvement. Word spread of her impact on the environment, and parents came to observe the class and were amazed at what they saw. They began asking for her advice with respect to child-rearing practices, and here she showed a deep insight to parenting. She also gave Parent Education sessions which were very well-attended, and parents were thrilled and grateful to see the impact of carrying out her advice in their homes.

In sum: Sharon deeply touched all sectors of our community"...


Candice McKinnon

Teaching and Learning Director

Galapagos International Montessori School

" For Sharon work with children is a true vocation. She is happy to devote all her time to the children, to give them her warmth and care, teach them English, various sciences, as well as manners and etiquette.

I would like to note her extraordinary ability to connect with the child, as well as see the features, tendencies and talents of the child.

Sharon organized the learning process perfectly, thinking through every detail, and she distributes tasks among her colleagues and in the process involved children and adults in the wonderful world of knowledge and games. ...." 


Mr. Alex Vinogradov

General Director of

Wunderpark kindergarten Montessori


" She loves children, and they love her, and she is passionate about teaching and imparting her knowledge to the children. She is consistent, fair, firm, loving and kind when dealing with the children. She created, developed and implemented the curriculum which included weekly topics, and boxes that she filled with materials she made herself with the help of the two assistants.  She initiated outings linked to the topic of the week, when the topic of the week was Dinosaurs, we went on a visit to the Dinosaur museum.  Sharon is a good leader and decision maker, she is decisive and reacts quickly when it is required. ....."



Rudenko Viktoria

Director of

Wunderpark kindergarten

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