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Having established and set up a Montessori preschool which I ran successfully for fifteen years I have the experience and expertise to guide and assist you in starting up and setting up a Montessori preschool and am willing to travel internationally if needs be. 

I will consult with you regarding the planning, floor layout and design of the classroom whether you are moving into a building or whether you are planning to build a preschool.

Advice will be given on what equipment you will need in the various sections of the preschool including what Montessori equipment and materials you will need.

Assistance will be given with your curriculum development and classroom management and organization.

I will assist with the hiring of your staff as well as instructional coaching and mentoring.

Professional development and support for the preschool and teachers /guides will be provided in a variety of ways.

Parent Education will be provided.

I will tailor make a package to meet your school's unique circumstances, needs and requirements.



 I will attend school start up projects for a period from 2-4 months, when establishing a new school. Obviously, the length of time I need to be on site depends entirely on the requirements of the school.

Each situation is unique and this is always taken into account when creating a package  specifically for your school.

.I am available for regular returns visits whenever my services are required.

A no obligation Skype conference is the first step to determine where to begin. 

Should you require a Children's House Director or Head/Lead Teacher due to being  in between  teaching staff, or being unable to find a suitable teacher,  I am available  as a Substitute Teacher for short term contracts.



I am able to assist preschools that are newly established or those that have been operational for some time and need some assistance in course correcting and those in transition. I am willing to travel internationally if required.

After a period of observation constructive feedback will be provided regarding what is or is not working in the environment. I will then suggest and implement adjustments and changes which would include changes to routines if needed, as well as physically changing the environment as well if that is what is required.

I will observe the teachers/guides and assistant teacher/guides and offer educator support and assist to develop classroom management skills, including suggestions and support with material making and curriculum implementation and organization.

Instructional coaching, mentoring and teacher training including modelling positive Montessori methodology will be provided.

I will assist with parent communication issues and concerns.

My desire is to inspire and motivate your staff to enjoy their work and have fun working in a cohesive, united team.

I will tailor make a package to meet your schools unique needs and requirements.



 I am available to travel to schools for a minimum period of no less than two weeks and after a period of observation to ascertain the particular set of circumstances and challenges the school is facing, I will identify what needs to change and will plan and execute strategies to create lasting improvements and change.

 I am also available to consult with a school via Skype regarding any issues and concerns they may be experiencing. This could be for an hour or more depending on the schools needs and budget.

 I am available for regular returns visits whenever my services are required.

A no obligation Skype conference is the first step to determine where to begin.

“A teacher should not just prepare the environment of the classroom, the greater preparation lies within, it is the  preparation of the internal environment of the teacher, which requires the most ardent attention”.                      

 Sharon McNally

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It is important to convey that a successful school is only as good as the quality and calibre of teachers that a school hires. The teachers hired need to have had good training. Often times when a school is starting out or opening their doors for the first time a major concern and rightfully so, is the cost effectiveness of decisions they make.


The teachers are the corner stone of any school, so making the decision to hire a newly qualified teacher who has never taught before, although cost effective, is not advisable as the reputation of your school is built on the quality of the teachers and their ability to normalize their class as quickly as possible, including the ability to create a true Montessori environment which meets the children’s needs. The experienced teacher has a thorough knowledge of the Montessori materials and is able to demonstrate their use in a precise way, at the time the child shows they are ready.  

The experienced teacher is able to manage a class of 30 children with ease and grace. She should be seasoned at instructing, guiding and encouraging her assistants and in observing and following the child. Furthermore she should have good communication skills in managing the parents and care givers. A tall order for a young teacher starting her teaching career as these skills cannot be taught and develop over time.

Also in my experience, there is no guarantee that if someone has studied to become a teacher, that they will automatically be a good teacher and be able to apply what they have learnt. No two teachers are the same, simply because they have both studied to become Montessori teachers. Paying more, for an experienced teacher, who has   a proven track record, is absolutely worth it, as she is an asset well worth investing in and over time will help to build the reputation of your school as a place of excellence.


Should a school find themselves in a situation where they have hired a less experienced teacher and due to the demands of running a class, she finds herself overwhelmed or ineffectual in establishing the desired Montessori environment I are able to assist by re-starting the environment, through training, and modelling the correct approach, establishing routines and teaching tools and techniques in order to create a positive, child centred Montessori environment.  I include additional support and training in classroom management, organization and curriculum development. I also offer team building and parent education as well.

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