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" Don't ever do for your child what they can do for themselves,  as you rob them of countless opportunities for growth."

Sharon McNally



I offer parenting workshops in a supportive and confidential environment which provide you with practical skills and techniques you can use straight away. Since I am also a certified and licensed Louise Hay workshop teacher, practitioner and workshop facilitator I am experienced in conducting workshops, and individual sessions if required, using much of the Louise Hay philosophy as well, which is based on loving self.

The workshops focus on the child and their developmental needs and tendencies and encourage independence, responsibility, self-confidence and respect.

The philosophy is Montessori based, but can be used successfully in any home, regardless of whether your child attends a Montessori school or not. Both the Montessori philosophy and the Louise Hay philosophy stress that the formative years are critical in the development of a healthy, well balanced person.

These workshops typically run for 2-3 hours and are normally held on a Saturday.


I am also available for public speaking events to address young expectant parents, parents with young children as well as to speak at school functions.




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Group Discussion

'"If we were to take a three-year-old child and put him in the middle of the room, and you and I were to start yelling at the child, telling him how stupid he was, how he could never do anything right, how he should do this, and shouldn't do that, and look at the mess he made; and maybe hit him a few times, we would end up with a frightened little child who sits docily in the corner, or who tears up the place. The child will go one of these two ways, but we will never know the potential of that child.

If we take the same little child and tell him how much we love him, how much we care, that we love the way he looks and love how bright and clever he is, that we love the way he does things and that it's okay for him to make mistakes as he learns - and that we will always be there for him no matter what - then the potential that comes out of that child will blow your mind!"


Louise L. Hay - You can Heal your Life 

"Thank you Sharon. You put in an extreme amount of effort into our weekly sessions especially into my self-reflection and positive affirmations and made it so personal to my needs. I learnt something each week I came to you and the work I did, guided by you, was invaluable and included many life lessons for the future too. You were compassionate and caring and offered much wisdom in your advice. You helped me gain perspective and helped make things manageable during a stressful time. Overall also sparing me from being operated on by a doctor as all my symptoms cleared up a few months after putting what you taught me into practice.


The workshop was also helpful and refreshing, one I could share with my daughter. The loving, home environment made us feel safe and we all had a lot of fun. It’s was a really important positive experience in our lives. It enhanced our holiday on the French Riviera and continues to enhance our lives........"

Claudine Shevel

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Sharon through the Heal Your Life program. I looked forward to my sessions with Sharon on a weekly basis. I found Sharon to be an exceptionally intuitive and perceptive person. She transmits incredibly positive energy. Her wisdom, zest for life and bubbly personality made her the ideal coach for me. Her demeanor is warm and welcoming. Even though I do not open up to people very easily, I was very comfortable with Sharon.

I found the course to be beneficial to me in that it lead me on an incredible journey of self love, letting go of aspects that no longer serve me, forgiveness and ultimately moving on into a space of joy and love. The Heal Your Life course has awakened me in a beautiful and gentle manner and has been the beginning of a new chapter in my life".

Feroza Chohan


"Thank you so much for being part of our 2017 Wellness Convention!

We received such positive feedback  from your session (motivational talk) with many teachers saying it was the " highlight" in their feedback forms."

Janna Kretzmar

Earthchild Project Director

"Sharon provides a safe and loving space in which to let go and transform old limiting beliefs and patterns, and provides tools for establishing new and uplifting ways of being.

I'm glad to have had the experience."


Francoise Lempereur

"For anyone looking to set positive intentions for their life, and work on inner self-talk, I recommend Sharons Heal Your Life Course. Sharon's understanding, warm and bubbly personality makes for a excellent teacher."

Alexa Helm 

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